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All coreboxes, rigged to your most stringent specifications, may include venting, spring loaded and hydraulic ejection systems, pneumatic and hydraulic pull pieces and water-cooled blow, gas, and crimp heads. Most coreboxes from Perfect Patterns can perform directly from their machined state without the need for hand-polishing, due to improved machining strategies and rigid equipment standards.
• Laempe
• Loramendi
• Shalco
• Redford
• Hottinger
• B&P

Vertical Loramendi Core Box
Vertical Laempe 20 Core Box w Hydraulic Ejection
Iron Laempe 50 Core Box w Pull
Iron Laempe 40 Core Box
Iron Laempe 40 Core Box, Collapasable w Pulls
Iron CB300 Core Box
CB50 Isocure Core Box
20 Cavity Iron LF-100 Core Box
20 Cavity Iron Laempe 40 Core Box
8 Cavity 4140 Steel Loramendi Core Box
4 Cavity Vertical Loramendi Core Box w Pulls
4 Cavity Iron CB50 Core Box w Loose Pcs
2 Cavity Vertical Laempe 20 Core Box with Hydraulic Ejection
2 Cavity Iron CB300 Core Box
2 Cavity CB 50 Isocure Core Box
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